Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Guide

Understand your HTV, Similar to Standard vinyl, We supply it in three layers.

  1. Clear Plastic Carrier Sheet
  2. HTV Design
  3. Wax Paper

Pressing Times

MaterialTempratureTimePeelRe-PressWash TempTumble DryDry Clean
Pearl HTV150°C15 SecondsHotNA60°C YesYes
Pearlescent effect garment vinyl suitable for Polyester and Cotton. Medium pressure.
Chrome HTV160°C20 SecondsHot, Warm, Cold3 Seconds40°CNoNo
Suitable for Cotton, Cotton Canvas and Cotton/Polyester Mix

How to use our HTV

  • Turn your iron to it's hottest cotton setting with the steam turned OFF.
  • On a hard heatproof surface, i.e. Kitchen worktop, Iron over your blank to remove moisture and wrinkles before starting, It needs to be smooth.
  • Remove the wax paper from the HTV.
  • Place the design over your blank in the position you want, with the carrier sheet side up so the HTV is against your blank.
  • Cover with the supplied Wax Paper.
  • Using both hands, with a good amount of pressure put the iron over the HTV for the recommended time.
  • Move the iron slowly if the design is larger than the base of your iron, so that heat is applied equally.
  • If you press for too long you may melt the adhesive and if you don't press for long enough it may come off of blank.
    • The key to success is pressure – heat presses push down and clamp the blank, so you need to be imitating this pressure with your iron.
  • Remove the wax paper & Peel
    •   Most vinyl is HOT peel, this is stated in the listing, If yours it hot peel the carrier sheet away while the vinyl is still hot.
  • If it will not peel, recover with the wax sheet and re-press for a few more seconds.
  • After you have peeled the carrier, place the wax sheet back over the HTV and give it an iron as normal.
Some blanks benefit from using a pressing pillow, these are small heatproof pillows that allow you to lift the area you are applying the HTV, and can aid some applications